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Automotive Industry

Contemporary carparts and car accesories production is a very fast and well-thought method. There are many theories to improve production model. Production characteristics: mass production with batch service fast term realization cooperative production, with a focus on components for time-synchronization during delivery minimization of stocks input on high quality of products There are many significant elements that affect the production process. All the elements are tantamount to the production outcome and each of them has got influence on others. Production repetitiveness is a big facilitation, but there are enterprises that make an exception. (look at tool-shop). Modus is a perfect device for the serial production, from the preparation of technology in the system, through possibilities of defining the revision of product with formulas calculated not for one but many products and specifying total series e.g. in size of 100 pieces. The system owns also the function of lots division into smaller parts, or the production of part lots, in a real time without the complicated change of the configuration. Advanced algorithm of demand calculation for materials needed for a specific day enables for stocks reduction. A system of following delivery of lots is also available, thus enabling for identifying from which delivery and from whom a defective material comes from. MRP - Material Requirements Planning virtual and dynamic receipts series of products with unique numbers division of batches on different production orders automatic warehouse release for emplyees automatic assignment of work to emplyees orders planning into the future Quality control during the reception Production Quality control Full servce of product batches cooperation with data collectors registry of work time at every stage produkcja jednostkowa i seryjna dla każdej technologii z możliwością zmiany w każdej chwili obsługa numerów seryjnych własnych i zewnętrznych lokalizacje na magazynach obsługa zamienników, również zamienniki stałe edytor wszystkich wydruków wielowymiarowe analizy danych

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